A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter

Today Ausmed Nursing Education launched the web page “A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter”. I was very pleased when Will Egan from Ausmed asked me submit the content. Now that I’ve seen how great it looks online I’m very very pleased.

The web page looks really cool.

Check it out for yourself via www.ausmed.com.au/twitter-for-nurses or the short URL aus.md/tfn

I’m writing this blog post purely to link to Ausmed page. Yes, that’s right: this web page is about another web page. There’s that meta part of meta4RN again. 🙂

While I’m at it, I want to make an acknowledgement. The process of writing for Ausmed was great. Not only did they pay for the article to be written (a first for me), but they asked for my approval to all the edits that were made (another first for me – I’ve never had that courtesy extended by other publications). To top it off, the Ausmed team made my humble text look great! Aesthetics = accessibility. A big thanks to Will Egan specifically, and the Ausmed team generally.


That’s it. Please go have a look at aus.md/tfn now!

Paul McNamara, 21st November 2014

Short URL: meta4RN.com/ausmed

Update: 27 September 2019

The page has been deleted from the Ausmed site.

A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter is now only available via the intenet archive/Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20190607185707/https://www.ausmed.com.au/twitter-for-nurses/


A Nurse's Guide to Twitter (2014) is now available only via @internetarchive + @waybackmachine (TYVM!) https://t.co/CsSm8SYWi9

— Paul McNamara (@meta4RN) September 27, 2019

4 thoughts on “A Nurse’s Guide to Twitter

    1. Paul McNamara Post author

      Thanks for letting me know Donna. I’m not sure what’s happened with those links – I’ll follow-up with Ausmed (they commissioned and hosted the pages).


    2. Paul McNamara Post author

      Good news Donna

      I just heard back from Will @ Ausmed. They did a major upgrade on their website during the week, and were not aware that these links were not operating. He is really grateful that the problem was spotted (credit to you), and will get the links up & running again.

      Thanks for letting me/us know. Kind regards, Paul



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