We Bald Nurses

This might be the shortest blog post in the history of humans – it’s a list of bald nurses on Twitter. So far I know of three six seven eleven twelve thirteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight:

Ian Miller aka @TheNursePath

Sean Dent aka @SeanPDent

Jesse Spurr aka @Inject_Orange

Austyn Snowden aka @AustynSnowden

Kelsey David Burnham aka @EnlightenedAss

Geoff Brennan aka @gbrennancafc

Robert Vaughan aka @MenInNursing + @RobertBSNRN

Michael Isaacs aka @NurseMike911

Matt Ahern aka @pragmaticnurse

Christopher Picard aka @CtPicard

Noah Bourk aka @NurseNoah

Daniel Stift aka @DanStift

Josh Crews aka@JoshCrewsReally

Nick aka @TheStudentDaddy

Paul aka @Baldy754

Jonathan MacLennan aka @jonnybaldy

Tim McDougall aka @timmcdougall69

Anthony Russell aka@anth__russell

Jamie Ranse aka @jamieranse

Mark Aitken aka @maharpo

Andrew White aka @andrewwhiteau

Les Petri aka @les_petrie

Rob Paquin aka @robpaquinRN 

Craig Aylward aka @MurseOfTheYear

Calvin Moorley aka @CalvinMoorley

Stefan Campbell aka @StefanTheNurse

Carlos Aguilera Serrano aka @CAguiler2

Paul McNamara (me) aka @meta4RN

bald-headThe proposed #WeBaldNurses motto is Herba non adnatus occupatus platea – the Latin version of “Grass does not grow on a busy street”.

Nursing gentlemen who have heads eschewed of hair are a minority amongst a minority, and need to stick together.

I hope to find more of us – please let me know of anyone who should be added to the list via the comments section below, or via Twitter using the #WeBaldNurses hashtag. I will update the list above PRN.

That’s it for now… a big shout-out to all the nurses out there who are not frittering their money away on shampoo, conditioner, brushes and combs.

Paul McNamara
Originally posted 30th May 2015
short URL meta4RN.com/WeBaldNurses

Updated: 31/05/15, 01/06/15, 29/11/15, 30/11/15, 07/05/16, 29/10/17, 19/12/17, 14/05/18, 28/05/18, 14/11/18, 15/11/18, 17/11/18, 10/12/18, 09/02/19, 19/05/19, 18/07/19, 16/10/19, 17/10/19




3 thoughts on “We Bald Nurses

  1. Herbert Guzman

    Gentlemen, when duty calls you do not waiver. You are forged as steel in defence against a plague. Pride doesn’t begin to explain

    Liked by 1 person


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