Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service @ CHHHS Eating Disorder Forum

Next month there is an Eating Disorder Forum at Cairns Hospital. Amongst the teams presenting is the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service (CLPS). This blog post aims simply to serve as an easy-to-find landing spot for the CLPS presentation.

Here is the link to the presentation (on Prezi).

The session is designed to be a narrative. Relying mostly on screenshots of what ieMR file entries* look like, the presentation is just a prop to keep the narrative of the presentation on-topic. The main themes are:

  • the role of the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service (spoiler alert: it includes consultation and liaison)
  • an illustration of some of the things that are covered in a consultation with the person experiencing an eating disorder
  • understanding the person’s strengths, vulnerabilities and goals
  • ensuring care is person-centred
  • what collaboration and liaison looks like in this context
  • understanding that the person is relying on a network of individuals and services
  • emphasising the importance of communication between teams and across settings
  • separate the person from the eating disorder (that’s where the Mean Girls thing comes in – zoom in to the Prezi for elaboration)
  • practical support to the nursing team
  • when applicable/appropriate, delegation of tasks to AINs (more about that here)
  • managing transference and countertransference
  • minimising ruptures and conducting running-repairs in relationships between and within teams

ieMR file entries*

Worried about confidentiality? Relax. The patient’s name is ‘Kerry Test Test Codesettest‘. Kerry is not a person. Kerry is a sandbox to play in when practicing or illustrating how ieMR can be used.

Video Version


That’s it for this pretty-underwhelming blog post. As said at the beginning, it’s really just an easy way to find this link:

Thanks for visiting.

Paul McNamara, 12 August 2022

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Due to unplanned staff absences coinciding with Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week, this session was tweaked and revised for Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds on Friday 9 September 2022.

More about that via

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