Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#BIEDAW) 2022 @ Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds

Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds on Friday 9 September coincided with 2022’s Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#BIEDAW). Understandably, it was planned that the session should focus on eating disorders.

Dr Janet Bayley, Consultant Psychiatrist with NQuEDS* was to present, but was unexpectedly unavailable. Janet passed the baton to Dr Sharmila Prakash, Consultant Psychiatrist with Cairns Hospital’s Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service. Unfortunately, Sharmila also became unexpectedly unavailable. That’s where – Steven Bradbury style – I slid-in to be on the Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds program.

There were two other presenters on the theme of eating disorders at Grand Rounds. Consultant Nephrologist and Physician Dr Bibin George presented very interesting early data from an audit of Cairns Hospital eating disorder medical admissions. Psychiatric Registrar/Dual Advanced Trainee Dr Manjuka Raj presented early results from her research examing core competencies of staff involved in a new eating disorder service. There is a fair chance that each of these research projects will progress to publication in future – keep an eye out for them.

My presentation was not about hard data or research. It was an overview of the role that a Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service has when a person is admitted to hospital as a medical patient because of problems associated with an eating disorder. For those interested the session was videoed:

Regular visitors to meta4RN will note that this presentation looks remarkably similar to this one: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service @ CHHHS Eating Disorder Forum. That’s because it is pretty-much the same presentation with a few tweaks.

So What?

A few dozen people go to Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds either in person or via Zoom. The meta4RN blog extends that reach. If you were not at Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds yesterday, and have an interest in the care of people admitted as medical inpatients because of an eating disorder, perhaps the video is worth a look.

Also, just in case I (or you) want to revisit or recycle any of the info in the presentation, here is the link to the Prezi.

Cairns Hospital Grand Rounds 9 September 2022


NQuEDS = North Queensland Eating Disorder Service. More info about NQuEDS here and here. Enquiries about referral should be directed to 1300 64 2255 (1300 MH CALL).

End Notes

That’s it. Thanks for visiting.

As always, feedback is welcome via the comments section below.

Paul McNamara, 10 September 2022

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