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Poster for 2022 FNQ/CHHHS Research and Innovation Symposium

The 2022 FNQ (Far North Queensland)/CHHHS (Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service) Research and Innovation Symposium is scheduled for Friday 16 September.


Read all about it: cairns.health.qld.libguides.com/chhhs-researchsymposium/home

This blog post is to simply plonk online the content, JPEG and PDF of a poster that will be presented at the symposium (share or perish!).

@CairnsHelp (brocures are so last century)

key message Share & Connect with Local Support Services

how? search for “CairnsHelp” as one word
or go to linktr.ee/CairnsHelp
or access @CairnsHelp via social media
or scan the QR code

background & rationale

Wouldn’t it be handy for clinical staff and the people they support if there was a comprehensive list of community support agencies in one easy-to-access, easy-to-share place?

Using a free social media platform (linktree) a comprehensive list of support agencies – not just health-specific – has been collated in one place.

Phone numbers and links to agency websites are provided.

The list is reviewed/updated twice a year and PRN. Uptake and use of the site is measured and reported on to determine whether it is of use to the Cairns community.


After a cautious small trial in April 2021, application was made via the CHHHS Mental Health & ATODS Leadership meeting in May 2021 to amplify the trial.

In August 2021 the CHHHS Executive approved further roll-out via a lanyard swing-tag QR Code.

Since early 2022 the emphasis has shifted away from the QR code to simply suggesting that people search for “CairnsHelp” as one word.

To determine impact and usefulness of the strategy, data has been gathered on how often the linktr.ee/CairnsHelp site has been accessed.

results (data from April 2021 to August 2022)

The linktr.ee/CairnsHelp site has been accessed over 2700 times; nearly 23% click through to a listed site.

75% of site access is direct/via QR code, 19% is via Google, and 6% is via other search engines or social media.

79% of site access is on a mobile device, 21% is via desktop.

evaluation & implications for practice

The linktr.ee/CairnsHelp site has had a modest amount of uptake in its first seventeen months of use.

As it has required only a modest amount of time to establish and share the site and minimal funding support, this is – to date – a reasonable return on investment.

Further monitoring of uptake will be required to determine whether or not this innovative idea is worth sustaining.

thank you for funding the swing tags and poster

CHHHS Mental Health and Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drugs Service


Clinical Nurse Consultant
Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service

CHHHS (Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service) Research and Innovation Symposium, 16 September 2022


Look, I’m under no illusions that this poster is in competition with highfalutin peer-reviewed academic publications, but conference posters are citable (is that even a word?) PRN. Thus:

McNamara P. (2022, September 16). @CairnsHelp (brocures are so last century) [Poster presentation]. 2022 Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Research and Innovation Symposium, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. https://cairns.health.qld.libguides.com/chhhs-researchsymposium

End Notes

That’s it. As always, feedback is welcome via the comments section below.

Paul McNamara, 23 August 2022

Short URL meta4RN.com/symposium

Nursing in the Tropics: Experience the Lifestyle! (circa 2002)

Today on Twitter, out of the blue, Mick Blair reminded me of a twenty-year-old poster.

Sometime in the early 2000s (2001 or 2002, I think) my local health service went on a recruitment drive titled, “Nursing in the Tropics: Experience the Lifestyle!”.

The poster featured ten nurses.

Nine of the nurses are female and doing stuff.

One of the nurses is male and just standing around not obviously participating in a task. That nurse is me. However, to be fair, I may have been reflecting on-, or planning for-, something important. I don’t know. It was a long time ago. Don’t judge me man. 😬

Anyway, I was pleased to be reminded of the campaign poster today, and wanted to plonk it here on the website for nostalgia’s sake and so I can find it again PRN.

Nursing in the Tropics: Experience the Lifestyle! Cairns Health Service District poster (circa 2002)

One More Thing

The “Nursing in the Tropics: Experience the Lifestyle!” campaign ran its course many years ago. There is a fresher, funkier campaign in its place. Check out the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (CHHHS) #HealthUpNorth hashtag on social media, and/or check out the CHHHS careers page: cairns-hinterland.health.qld.gov.au/careers

I’ve been working here since the mid-90s (actually working, not just standing there like I am in the poster), and it’s good. The people are what makes it great, but the climate and user-friendliness of living in a compact city with world-class attractions and an international airport on its doorstep help too. Working in Cairns was, and remains, a quality of life decision that I’ve never regretted.

End Notes

That’s it. As always, feel free to leave feedback via the comments section below.

Sincere thanks to Mick Blair for the tweet/nostalgia trip. 🙂

Paul McNamara, 8 August 2022

Short URL: meta4RN.com/tropics